One of the biggest issues for small business is a lack of resources. Budgets don’t allow for extra hires and small teams have to ‘make do.’ Tick’s products are designed to empower SMEs and maximise your talent.

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Managing Director

I run my own SME

Team Leader

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I work in a small team

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Managing Director

For your small business, making the right hiring decision is extremely important. A poor decision not only costs money but also your time. Spend the time to get to know the type of personalities you need in each role within your company. Our products will help you do this.

Team Leader

Managing a small team with a big workload? Match the right talent to the right role. Get every staff member to take our personality and career questionnaires, so you can make an informed decision. Minimise conflict, promote teamwork, and keep your team motivated.


Is your role a hybrid? Are you wearing a few hats? It’s easy to happen when you work in a small business. But it’s important to know your strengths and focus on them, so you don’t spend your day working on tasks that don’t serve you. When time is limited, it’s essential to be more intentional with your time.

Our products will guide you in better understanding yourself, so you can choose the work to focus on. And, ask for help on the other parts that you, naturally, find more challenging.

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