Do you want a happier life, a more successful life, or even more income?

The key to success and happiness is knowing yourself. Knowing why you like what you like, why you do what you do and why you react to situations in the way you do?

Tick is the key to knowing yourself.

This 10-15 minute questionnaire can change your life, it will empower you with a clear picture of who you are.
Successful people know one thing many people don’t, who they are and where they belong.

When this understanding is applied in your relationships with others, your studies and your careers – you will be giving yourself a great boost!

“It gives my students an instant insight into their personality; which we build on during our training together. I give each student one of Des Hunt’s books - They are a good reference tool for the students to use after our training sessions are complete. “ “These tools definitely are remembered long after the workshops - more than any I have worked with.”

Tanya Perry (


“I use the Tick personality profiles in my business when consulting to universities. I also have an excellent response when I use them at career expos to career advisors, VET co-ordinators and students.” “I have been also using the personality profiling and tools in Women in Leadership courses that I deliver, it has been very useful and well received by the participants.”

Kim Waldron (


“So easy to incorporate in our training programs. Even though we are on the opposite side of the world, the customer service has been very streamlined and just like we are situated next door.” “The typology is very simple, easy to remember and understand.”

Anton Forro (

Human Capital (Slovakia)