Tick is used in businesses of any size or industry. It helps training staff match people to positions, through their personalities. Managers use it to better understand their teams and who will work best with who. CEOs find it beneficial to find gaps in executive skillsets to fill.

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Have you enrolled in a few courses but don’t know which one is for you? Already a student but the program isn’t what you thought it was? Backtrack a step and learn about yourself, before you decide about what career training path to take.

Our Job Fit Profile will help reveal your natural skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses, and what jobs fit your personality. Use the results to take the guesswork out of picking your speciality.

Careers Advisor

It’s difficult to advise a student which career direction to take – especially after spending only 15 minutes with them. With Tick’s questionnaire results, it’s possible. We have three options: Premium and Classic Personality Profiles, or the Classic Job Fit Profile. These online tools will produce a PDF that gives you a clearer picture of who this student is, beyond paper.

This’ll help you guide students into courses and careers that not only suit their capabilities and personalities, but one they’ll enjoy, too. Tick’s resources are designed to match passion and personalities to careers.

Academic Staff

If you run courses that involve any sort of communication components, then Tick could really assist in enhancing the program. Students will remember the concepts long after the lecture or tutorial.

Examples of uses could be – using the Personality Profile in a conflict or customer service section of a program- this could be with Heath Services where Nursing staff interact with patients, or any Business Program when dealing with customers. Or try our Premium Personality Profiling tool in Leadership programs.

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We have a Report with several Case studies showing how Tick has helped Universities in career assistance, staff development and mentoring programs

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