Tick is used in businesses of any size or industry. It helps training staff match people to positions, through their personalities. Managers use it to better understand their teams and who will work best with who. CEOs find it beneficial to find gaps in executive skillsets to fill.

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Conflict typically follow miscommunications or a difference in opinion. When there’s a mix of personality types, it’s bound to happen. Our resources help you understand your employees so you can make better decisions – who works together, who gets what project, and what’s missing from the team dynamic.

It’ll give you answers on why Jane is a better leader or how Scott is the peacemaker. Using Tick, you’ll reduce conflict, improve results, and make your employees happier.

HR & Training Staff

We have cost-effective systems and tools to help you find the right talent for your team. They’re memorable, easy to use and time-efficient. Use our Classic Jobfit Profile during the interview process to help understand your candidates capabilities beyond what’s ‘on paper.’ The answers will guide better hiring decisions, so you’ll save time, and more importantly, find the right people.

You can use our resources with your current team. By knowing the different types of personalities in play, you can pair the people who complement each other. If you’re supporting a team member who’s moving roles, this is also a beneficial outcome from the transition.

Business Owners

It’s one thing to start a business, but making sure it’s successful for many years to come takes hard work. You have strengths and weaknesses based on your personality – and our products will show you them so you can leverage what you’re good at and hire the right people to do what doesn’t come naturally to you. Clarity and direction needs to come from the top, and that’s you.

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