Who am I?

It’s a question that’s probably popped into your mind. And, one that’s left unanswered in many relationships.

Ask everyone what they want out of life. It’s to be happy. But to reach this level of satisfaction and love in your relationships, first you’ve got to know yourself. Most conflict between people can be put down to a misunderstanding.

You think because they’re not looking you in the eye, they’re not respecting you. When really, they just want to keep the peace and for you to walk away. You forget what you even started fighting about but your stubbornness gets the better of you. An apology doesn’t come for days.

This kind of situation happens all the time. Two people, two very different personalities, one not getting the other. Yet, if you both understand the strengths and weaknesses of their partner, how they react and more importantly, why they’re reacting that why, the misunderstanding wouldn’t occur. Your reaction will be different.

Tick’s products help you have more power over your life, by allowing you to understand it. It’s not just any other personality test that you’ll forget in days. Our unique ‘bird’ metaphors will allow you connect the dots.

Why that particular relationship was harder than most. Why that boss just didn’t understand you. Why you connect with that friend better than most. All of these interactions mirror who you are.

We can show you how to see yourself as others see you and many other things – how you react under pressure, your natural thought processes, and why you enjoy certain things. With this, you can use it to make better choices in your relationships.


Improve your relationships, improve your life.

Start by ordering the ‘I Love You, But How Do I Live With You’. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to know how to create a long-term understanding and loving relationships.

You know the saying: Happy wife, happy life.